You mean besides the importance of trimming and pruning? Of course that’s what you mean.

Mature tree care tends to focus on deadwood removal. This time in a tree’s life is often when our risk assessment services are required most. It’s important to keep an eye out for dying branches and other hazards that can put people and property in danger.

Tree owners also need to watch for insect entry points, disease, etc., which can also lead to less than ideal circumstances for aging trees. 

Older mature trees will eventually enter a retrenchment process naturally. In retrenchment, large, heavy trees will reduce their crown size by shedding old branches and increase girth to consolidate resources and increase longevity. In natural areas with lots of space, this is fine, but when individuals, homes, cars, etc., are in the fall zone, retrenchment pruning may be required. Yep, more pruning. It’s important!

We really hope this Tree Care 101 series has been informative and enjoyable. It’s been fun for us to share our knowledge with you! Join us again soon for more tips, tricks, hacks (scary word for trees!), and info on tree maintenance from your Charleston area arborists and service providers.