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Our Professional Tree Care Workers Are Equipped To Handle The Complexities Often Associated With Trees Damaged During Storms

storm cleanup

Storm Cleanup

In regions like those surrounding Charleston, SC, strong windstorms can cause trees to become vulnerable to damage, often leaving limbs or entire trees compromised. Trees leaning or limbs hanging as a result of storm damage create what we at Connor Tree Service call pressure points that can seriously injure an unexperienced individual. It is important to contact an experienced tree care company to handle these clean-up situations, and Connor Tree Service can provide the necessary help.

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The cities we serve include:

  • Mount Pleasant, SC
  • Charleston, SC
  • North Charleston, SC
  • West Ashley, SC
  • James Island, SC
  • Isle of Palms, SC
  • Johns Island, SC


After a storm, trees may be left leaning or with limbs hanging, creating pressure points that pose serious risks of injury. Professionals, like those from Connor Tree Service, have the experience and equipment necessary to safely handle these situations. Attempting to clean up storm damage without the proper knowledge can result in injury. It’s crucial to contact a tree care company with experience in storm cleanup to safely and efficiently clear the damage and mitigate any hazards.

Connor Tree Service provides comprehensive storm cleanup services in the Charleston, SC area and its surroundings. This includes safely removing trees that have been compromised by strong winds, clearing hanging limbs that create pressure points, and ensuring that your property is free from the dangers posed by storm-damaged trees. Our experienced team is equipped to handle the aftermath of windstorms, protecting you and your property from potential injuries and further damage.

Storm damage can significantly compromise the safety of your property by leaving trees leaning, limbs hanging, and creating pressure points that could lead to serious injuries if not properly addressed. Such situations require immediate attention to prevent accidents. Contacting an experienced tree care company like Connor Tree Service is essential for safely removing these hazards. Our professionals will assess the damage and perform the necessary cleanup, ensuring your property is safe and secure post-storm.