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Tree Removal Services Near North Charleston, SC

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tree removal

Tree Removal North Charleston, SC

Lifecycles of trees vary depending on species, site location, competition amongst other trees, susceptibility to disease, and other considerations.

tree trimming

Tree Trimming North Charleston, SC

Proper tree pruning is essential to maintaining a healthy, long-lived tree that can be enjoyed safely year after year.

stump grinding

Stump Grinding North Charleston, SC

Sometimes stumps can be left to decay naturally, if the location is not an issue, but sometimes natural decay is not an option.

storm cleanup

Storm Cleanup North Charleston, SC

Lots of homeowners and property managers think they can handle storm damage cleanup on their own. They think it’s as simple as cutting everything...

tree risk assessment

Tree Risk Assessment North Charleston, SC

According to the ISA, “The TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) program offers tree care professionals the opportunity to expand... their...


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The cities we serve include:

  • Mount Pleasant, SC
  • Charleston, SC
  • North Charleston, SC
  • West Ashley, SC
  • James Island, SC
  • Morris Island, SC
  • Johns Island, SC


Time for it to go

These guys came and did another great job. Completed it in short order and cleaned up everything before leaving. Thank you Jason and your crew.

Tree Cutting and Stump Removals

I have used Connors Tree Service over the years and they never fail to produce exceptional end results. Jason and staff are a delight to work with. Great care and professionalism are always exercised no matter who you speak with. They work with a smile always and are attentive to your needs. They never fall short of meeting your high expectations. Connors take great pride in their work and does a fantastic job cleaning the project area. When they start a job they work until the job is finished. Connors have cut a sizable number of pine and holly trees for me, some in very tight places and to my surprise they were taken down with ease and great precise. Jason has fair competitive pricing and is always willing to work with his customers. Connors tree service use top rated equipment and is a first to go to when I need any tree work done. I couldn’t be a happier customer; thanks Jason and staff!

100% professional and reliable communication and follow-through. Careful, considerate work and clean-up. Hard to imagine better service than Bryan's!

Bryan and his crew did an excellent job removing 3 sweet gum trees from our yard. He was very professional and knowledgeable and his prices were affordable.

Excellent Service

Bryan Connor is professional, knowledgeable arborist, efficient, very personable, and has a very nice and thorough crew who didn't leave any debris behind. Very neat! Reasonable price (we only had one quote lower out of 4 companies, but we didn't like that company). Bryan quickly got back to me to arrange to come give me a quote and was able to get to my job pretty quickly - thinned and removed dead branches of a big oak, a river birch, and a crape myrtle as well as ground out a stump. I put a recommendation on the Longpoint neighborhood Facebook page, a neighbor then hired Conner Tree Service, and she posted that she seconds the recommendation. I will use Connor Tree Service again!

Tree Services North Charleston, SC

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we understand that you want your property to look appealing and to be safe. To achieve these goals, we at Connor Tree Service, of North Charleston, work to create long-lasting relationships with each client to care for new, young, and mature trees, as well as to remove unsafe trees, branches, and stumps.


Connor Tree Service LLC was created to provide our clients a unique tree care experience. Our services include professional tree trimming and pruning, safe tree removal, and stump grinding in North Charleston. All our tree work is performed under direct guidance from an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist in compliance with ISA guidelines. We are also Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) through ISA, meaning we have a sound understanding of tree biology and tree risk, which is essential because it lays the groundwork for tree risk analysis.


With these certifications and qualifications, Connor Tree Service is also the most trusted tree service in North Charleston for cleanup after storms. When trees and branches have been displaced during high wind and rain, they present extremely dangerous situations that need to be addressed by experienced tree care staff who can see pressure points and other hazards before they become emergency situations.


Tree Removal North Charleston, SC

Additionally, if you are considering tree removal in North Charleston, it is important to remember that each municipality has different rules pertaining to DBH (Diameter at Breast Height) or trunk diameter measured at 4.5 feet above ground level. It is extremely important to obtain all proper permitting prior to removal of trees because removing trees without proper permits can be expensive in terms of fines and mitigation. Connor Tree Service is more than happy to help get this process expedited with appropriate tree documentation and contact information, free of charge, if hired.


Finally, if tree removal or other circumstances leave tree stumps in your way, Connor Tree Service can help with those, too. We offer professional stump grinding to the North Charleston area, making lawn care safe and easy again.


If you are caring for healthy trees or assessing what to do with trees that may need special attention or removal, Connor Tree Service can help. We look forward to working with you to care for your trees and property.


Connor Tree Service recognizes the unique challenges and needs of North Charleston’s coastal tree species, such as palm trees, palmettos, and live oaks. Our ISA-certified arborists are trained specifically to care for these species, understanding their biology and the best practices for their maintenance and safety. By adhering to ISA guidelines and leveraging our TRAQ knowledge, we ensure that each tree service, from trimming to removal, is conducted with the utmost respect for the tree’s health, ensuring its beauty and vitality are preserved or safely managed.

At Connor Tree Service, safety and minimal disruption are our top priorities during tree removal in North Charleston. We start by conducting a thorough risk assessment to identify potential hazards. Our experienced team then uses specialized equipment and techniques to safely remove trees or branches, ensuring that all work is performed under the direct supervision of an ISA-certified arborist. By planning each step meticulously, we not only ensure the safety of our staff and your property but also strive to keep the disruption to your daily life and neighborhood to a minimum.

Connor Tree Service in North Charleston specializes in storm cleanup, addressing dangerous situations caused by high winds and rain that displace trees and branches. Our experienced tree care staff is trained to identify and manage pressure points and other hazards, preventing them from becoming emergency situations. Trusting Connor Tree Service for storm cleanup means relying on a team that is equipped to safely and efficiently restore your property’s safety and aesthetic appeal following severe weather events.

Choosing an ISA-certified arborist for tree services in North Charleston ensures your trees are cared for by professionals who understand the complexities of tree biology and risk assessment. ISA certification guarantees the arborist has met rigorous standards for knowledge and expertise in tree care practices. Connor Tree Service’s ISA-certified arborists follow ISA guidelines to provide safe, professional tree trimming, pruning, removal, and stump grinding, ensuring your property remains beautiful and secure.