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We Are Qualified To Advise Tree Owners With Assessing Their Trees Risk To People, Property Or Activities

Tree risk assessment

Tree Risk Assessment Charleston SC

Trees are an important aspect to life in both urban and rural areas. Trees add value to homes, enhance local neighborhoods and parks, and provide habitat for wildlife. While trees add beauty and balance to nature, trees can also create potential risks to individuals and structures. All trees have the potential to become a risk.

Connor Tree Service provides tree risk assessment as part of its “full service” culture, and to ensure we are providing the highest quality service, we worked to become Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) through the International Society of Aboriculture (ISA).

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The cities we serve include:

  • Mount Pleasant, SC
  • Charleston, SC
  • North Charleston, SC
  • West Ashley, SC
  • James Island, SC
  • Isle of Palms, SC
  • Johns Island, SC


A tree risk assessment is a professional evaluation to identify potential hazards posed by trees to people and property. It’s crucial because while trees bring beauty and benefits to urban and rural environments, they can also present risks, such as damage to structures or injury to individuals. Conducting a tree risk assessment helps in managing these risks effectively, ensuring safety and preserving the health of the trees. Connor Tree Service, being Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), provides this essential service as part of its commitment to high-quality care.

Connor Tree Service performs tree risk assessments by utilizing the knowledge and methodologies endorsed by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Our TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualified) certification ensures we follow best practices in evaluating the health and stability of trees, identifying any potential hazards they may pose. During an assessment, we examine a tree’s structure, condition, and the surrounding environment to determine any risks to individuals and property, providing recommendations to mitigate these risks effectively.

Conducting a tree risk assessment on your property offers several benefits. It helps ensure the safety of your family, visitors, and property by identifying and addressing potential hazards posed by trees. Assessments can also enhance the value of your property by maintaining the health and aesthetic appeal of your trees, contributing to the overall beauty of your neighborhood. Additionally, it supports the conservation of local wildlife habitats by promoting the health and longevity of trees. Connor Tree Service’s TRAQ-certified professionals provide thorough assessments, delivering peace of mind and contributing to safer, more enjoyable outdoor spaces.