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Tree Removal Services in Charleston SC

Safely Tree Removal in Charleston Area to Avoid Risk of People, Property or Activities

It is important to have a tree analyzed by a professional arborist when physical signs of stress are present, as trees become extremely brittle and unstable when they are no longer living. As one of Charleston’s leading tree care companies, Connor Tree Service believes that tree removal should be a last resort. We recommend pruning and trimming of deadwood and other dangerous branches before removal is considered. Connor Tree Service provides professional tree removal service in the Charleston, SC, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Goose Creek areas with specialized equipment at competitive prices. 

Your Preferred Tree Removal Service in Charleston, SC

When selecting a provider for tree removal in Charleston, one of your first priorities should be safety. Cutting down and processing a tree, particularly a large one, can pose extreme risk to people, vehicles, and property in the surrounding area if workers are inexperienced or do not follow proper safety protocols. All it takes is one heavy branch falling at an unexpected angle or a trunk tipping in the wrong direction to cause precisely the type of damage that you were trying to avoid by having the tree removed in the first place.

Safe Tree Removal in Charleston

Connor Tree Service is a tree removal service in Charleston, SC that makes safety the number one priority. We have invested in high quality, meticulously maintained equipment that we know we can trust on every job. We carefully follow all best practices for tree removal, checking up on one another to make sure that every rope, saw, and hard hat is being used properly and is protecting ourselves, our customers, and their property. We encourage you to get in touch with us through email or by phone and set up an appointment with one of our certified arborists so that we can assess the health of your trees and any risks that they pose to the surrounding area.


In many areas, including Charleston, SC, you may need permission or a permit to remove a tree, especially if it’s located within city limits or is a protected species. Always check with local regulations before proceeding with tree removal.

Trees may need to be removed due to various reasons including disease, pest infestation, endangerment to surrounding structures, or interference with landscaping plans. The lifecycle of a tree, competition with other trees, and site location also play a role in determining when tree removal is necessary.

Connor Tree Service prioritizes safety above all when performing tree removal services in Charleston, SC, and surrounding areas like North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Goose Creek. With specialized equipment and a commitment to following best practices, our team ensures that every aspect of the removal process minimizes risk to people, vehicles, and properties.

Tree removal, especially of large trees, involves significant risks, including the potential for heavy branches or trunks to fall unexpectedly and cause damage to people, vehicles, and property. The expertise of experienced workers and adherence to proper safety protocols are crucial to mitigate these risks effectively.

Connor Tree Service invests in high-quality, well-maintained equipment and rigorously follows safety best practices for tree removal. Our team checks each other’s work to ensure that every rope, saw, and hard hat is used correctly, safeguarding our customers, their property, and ourselves during the tree removal process.

Yes, trees that are no longer living become extremely brittle and unstable, posing significant risks to people, property, and surrounding activities. It’s vital to have such trees assessed by a professional arborist to determine whether removal is necessary to avoid potential hazards.

Connor Tree Service offers professional tree removal services in Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas, including North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Goose Creek. Our services are designed to safely remove trees that pose a risk, with a focus on using specialized equipment and competitive pricing.

If a tree shows signs of disease, decay, or instability, such as large dead branches or a leaning trunk, it may need to be removed. It’s best to consult with a certified arborist from Connor Tree Service to assess the tree’s health and determine if removal is the safest option.

Professional tree removal is recommended due to the inherent risks involved in cutting down trees. Experts like those at Connor Tree Service have the training, equipment, and experience to safely remove trees, minimizing the risk of injury or damage to property.

Connor Tree Service considers several factors before removing a tree, including the tree’s health, its impact on the surrounding area, and potential risks. Our certified arborists conduct thorough assessments to ensure that tree removal is the last resort and done safely.

You can schedule an appointment with Connor Tree Service by contacting us through email or phone. Our certified arborists are available to assess the health of your trees and discuss any risks they pose, providing professional advice and services to address your tree removal needs safely.