Tree staking may be necessary if your new tree will be exposed to wind. Here are a few things to think about with staking:

  • Staking should be used temporarily, and three stakes should be sufficient.
  • Make sure material used for holding tree in place does not damage trunk. Nurseries will often provide proper stakes.
  • Once tree is established—2-4 months depending on the season and time of planting—stakes should be removed.

Watering is important until the plant is established. It is better to provide the root area a slow thorough soaking once or twice a week, rather than frequent quick watering sessions.

The surrounding dirt and root ball area should be moist and not allowed to dry out. Applying a light layer of mulch or pine needles can help ensure the root area stays moist, but remember, do not cover the root flare with mulch.

  • Ideal planting times are fall and spring. I would advise against summertime planting unless tree will receive proper watering routinely until established.
  • Ball and burlap tree structure should also be inspected (same as explained in container tree section). Often B&B (ball and burlap) trees have root flares covered with several inches of dirt, sometimes greater than 8 inches soil. This is a result of the digging process and wrapping of root ball with wire and burlap.

We hope you have enjoyed this first part of our tree planting series. Please join us next month for lots of great information about choosing the right location for your tree. In March, we will tell you about how to properly care for your growing sapling.

And as always, please give us a call to find out how we can serve you and your trees. Our staff and certified arborists will be happy to speak with you.