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Why Amateur Tree Trimming in Charleston, SC is a Bad Idea

We know that when people watch us perform tree trimming in Charleston, SC, they’re tempted to think something along the lines of “That doesn’t look that hard…I bet I could do that myself!”

Before you buy a chainsaw and start cutting off parts of the trees on your property, you’ll want to read our three top reasons why you should let the professionals do it instead. We’ve been in the industry long enough to see all sorts of terrible situations caused by inexperienced tree trimming, and we don’t want any of them to happen to you!

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Post-Storm Cleanup

Here in the Charleston area, we’re perfectly content to see the 2019 hurricane season come to an end.

We can never be sure whether or not we’re going to get hit by “the big one,” but even when the hurricane season is relatively mild, as it was this year, we see quite a few trees blown to the ground. It’s a busy season for those of us who provide tree removal near Charleston, SC!

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4 Post-Hurricane Tree Problems

How did your property fare during Hurricane Dorian earlier this month?
If you have a number of trees on your land, they are probably one of your big concerns each time a big storm is in the forecast. It’s a great idea to keep the name and number of a certified arborist tree service on hand and call them as soon as you know about tree damage—we get very busy following a hurricane!

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Tree Trunk Science From Your Charleston, SC Tree Service

A tree trunk may look pretty ordinary to you, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Every day, all day, there is an incredible amount of activity going on behind that layer of bark, moving nutrients, water, and energy back and forth from the roots to the leaves. But the trunk does even more than that; it also contains the tree’s most important defenses against disease, insects, fire, and the other influences that threaten to harm it. Here’s a little tree trunk science from your arborist in Charleston, SC.

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Three Signs That Tree Removal is Necessary

Trees die all the time—the forest ecosystem, in fact, depends on it, as old trees fall to the ground, decay, and provide nutrition for animals, insects, plants, and the young trees that will grow up to replace them. But when humans and trees live in close proximity, as in a neighborhood, we have to take steps and intervene in this natural process for the sake of safety. But how can you tell when a tree is sick or damaged and needs to be cut down? Here are three signs that it’s time to call for expert tree removal in Charleston, SC.