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Why Amateur Tree Trimming in Charleston, SC is a Bad Idea

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Why Amateur Tree Trimming in Charleston, SC is a Bad Idea

We know that when people watch us perform tree trimming in Charleston, SC, they’re tempted to think something along the lines of “That doesn’t look that hard…I bet I could do that myself!”

Before you buy a chainsaw and start cutting off parts of the trees on your property, you’ll want to read our three top reasons why you should let the professionals do it instead. We’ve been in the industry long enough to see all sorts of terrible situations caused by inexperienced tree trimming, and we don’t want any of them to happen to you!

Here’s why trimming your own trees is bad for you, your trees, and your wallet.

Play it safe—trust your local experts.

The tools that you have to use to trim a tree are large, heavy, and extremely dangerous. To make matters worse, you have to somehow get yourself high enough to reach the branches you want to trim. That usually means climbing a ladder or standing on a slanted roof, neither of which is a safe option.

Handling a heavy chainsaw in these conditions is simply a recipe for injury, and it’s happened many, many times.

There are also severe hazards as tree limbs are cut from the tree itself. It can be very difficult to predict exactly where a branch will fall, and those branches are much heavier than they look. Falling limbs can easily knock you off balance, strike the ladder you’re standing on, or get tangled up with your equipment.

Bad For Your Trees

Amateur tree trimming in Charleston, SC is also bad for trees themselves. When we see a tree that has been cut back by a non-professional, often there are mistakes that put the tree itself at future risk.

One common mistake is to leave large, open “wounds” where limbs have been cut off. These openings create opportunities for insects and disease-causing fungi to get past the tree’s protective bark and infest the entire system.

When trimming a tree, a homeowner will always tend to focus on the branches that pose a visible threat to the property—that is, branches that are precariously positioned above a garage or driveway. While cutting back those branches is important, it’s also important to take into account the shape, size, and position of the tree as a whole. Cutting only the branches that pose a visible threat can negatively impact the tree’s balance and strength.

Protect both your property and your trees.

Bad For Your Wallet

While the safety of yourself and your family is the primary concern, there is also a serious impact on your finances when an amateur tree trimming project goes wrong.

The branches you are trying to remove can easily fall and cause the very damage to your property that you were trying to avoid. Repairs to your landscaping, house, or other structures will more than offset the money you had hoped to save by trimming your trees yourself.

A tree that is improperly trimmed and left vulnerable to disease and pests will, before long, become a hazard that must be removed completely at additional cost to you.

Injuries suffered during a tree trimming project obviously also carry significant financial setbacks. Medical bills, lost work, and potential ongoing physical issues are all possible.

In most cases, the expenses incurred by these and other accidents end up costing the homeowner far more money than the cost of having a professional, safety-conscious tree service in Charleston, SC do the project in the first place.

Connor Tree Service

Our professional arborists do far more than simply remove limbs that are threatening to fall on your car or home. We address the entire tree’s health, preparing it for many more years of healthy growth and keeping your property safe at the same time.

Don’t risk an accident that will waste your money and potentially cause great harm to you and your property. Have the experts at Connor Tree Service assess your trees and their needs, then safely trim them to make your property beautiful and safe.

We also offer expert removal of entire trees, stump grinding, and specialty trimming of palm trees and other unusual species.

Call us for expert tree trimming services.

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