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Post-Storm Cleanup

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Post-Storm Cleanup

Here in the Charleston area, we’re perfectly content to see the 2019 hurricane season come to an end.

We can never be sure whether or not we’re going to get hit by “the big one,” but even when the hurricane season is relatively mild, as it was this year, we see quite a few trees blown to the ground. It’s a busy season for those of us who provide tree removal near Charleston, SC!

Once the storm has passed, property owners all over the Lowcountry take a look around, hoping that all their trees are intact. When they do discover that a tree has fallen, there are three big questions that must be asked: If, when, and who?

Get our expert arborists’ help for tree removal.

1. Do You Need to Remove the Tree?

The first question is if you need to do anything about that fallen tree. Some people are surprised to learn that a fallen tree on their property is not a negative thing in every case. In a natural environment, the periodic death and decay of trees is a normal part of the ecosystem’s life cycle.

If your property includes wooded areas, it can be beneficial for you to leave fallen trees and branches in those areas after a storm. The decaying wood and leaves will replenish the soil’s nutrients over time, leading to a healthier and more beautiful natural area.

On the other hand, if your fallen tree is in a landscaped area or a more heavily populated neighborhood, you will want to engage an expert in tree removal in Charleston to get it removed.

2. When To Make the Call

Life is busy, finances are limited, and a fallen tree can easily seem like a non-pressing need. It’s easy to come up with plenty of excuses to leave that tree there until it’s convenient to get around to having it removed.

Your neighbors who see your yard every day, though, may have a differing opinion on that! We all want our neighborhoods to be pleasant, beautiful, and high in property values, and one of the biggest factors there is getting debris like fallen trees and limbs cleared away as soon as possible after a storm.

There is also a safety issue with fallen trees. Children may be tempted to play on them, and a fallen tree is a very dangerous thing. Branches are often under great pressure, and they can suddenly shift or break as kids climb around on them.

Keep your property safe and clean.

3. Who to Call?

It is important for a property owner to know who to trust for fallen tree removal in Charleston. During the hurricane season, it is common to see brand new tree removal companies suddenly pop up and start to advertise their services.

Some of these companies may be inexperienced, placing you and your property in more danger as they work. Other companies may exist for the sole purpose of scamming homeowners who are desperate to have a tree removed as soon as possible.

We always recommend getting quotes from multiple companies for a tree removal job. This will allow you to compare prices and determine whether one company is attempting to charge too much for the project.

Of course, it’s always a great idea to go with a tree removal service that you know is trustworthy and that has been based here in the Charleston area for many years. It’s true that we end up with a long list of tree removal and cleanup jobs following a hurricane or other large storm, but we will get to yours as soon as we can!

4. Other Tree Services

In addition to removing fallen trees, our expert arborists can help you avoid damage to your trees in the first place. We trim crowns, remove dead limbs, and assess the health of your trees to make sure that they are as well prepared as possible when the next storm season rolls around.

Give us a call to have a professional arborist visit your property and help with your tree maintenance needs. We know the local species, soil features, weather patterns, and other factors that affect your trees, and we look forward to helping you keep them healthy and strong.

Book your appointment today.

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