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The Dangers of Overextended Tree Limbs

tree trimming in Mt. Pleasant, SC

As homeowners, we have so many things to think about. Tree maintenance is something that is easily overlooked. It’s important to realize that trees can become hazardous under certain conditions. Tree trimming in Mt. Pleasant, SC is best done by Connor Tree Service. This blog post will talk about the dangers of overextended tree limbs.

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The Length of Tree Limbs

The length of the tree limbs is something especially important to consider. Reducing the size of the tree limbs will reduce the risk of it breaking from the tree. It can still happen due to weight, age, insect damage, and some other factors. However, reducing the size of the tree limbs (pruning) is still extremely important and valuable to do.

The Weight of Tree Limbs

When a tree limb is excessively heavy, it becomes much more likely to break (as discussed in the above paragraph). It’s extra likely to happen if the limb is long due to the way weight distribution works. If the tree limb is above your garage or house, it can cause significant damage to your property when it falls. Sometimes whole trees can even fall over into people’s homes and wreak devastation.

Tree removal in Mt. Pleasant, SC through Connor tree Service is what is needed in this situation to avoid it as opposed to tree trimming. We will be able to identify “at-risk” trees on your property to reduce the risk of this happening to your home.

Get an assessment and quote from Connor Tree Service today.

Susceptibility to Wind

This is one that not many people think about until after the fact. There is something called uprooting which happens during storms. Uprooting is often accompanied by cracking, splitting of tree trunks, limbs, and branches. Both healthy and unhealthy trees are in danger from this one. It’s especially difficult to prevent this from happening. The best thing that can be done is to remove trees that are too close to your home as well as trimming the trees that have the potential to be dangerous from a short distance.

If you are really hesitant to pay for tree removal or just really like a specific tree or trees on your property, there is another option. This option includes the installation of artificial supports for your trees. The procedure is known as hazard reduction pruning and involves cable and bracing. It’s not perfect, but it is known to help (keywords “hazard reduction”).

In addition to the length, weight, and susceptibility to wind, there are some other things to be aware of when it comes to the dangers of overextended tree limbs.

Branch Attachments

Branch attachments aren’t artificial structures. It’s where a branch is attached to the trunk of the tree. These attachments are especially risky due to the way they grow. A 45 to 90-degree attachment is ideal. Anything less than 45 degrees and included bark will become an issue down the road. Weaker attachment is risky.


While deadwood is a natural part of a tree’s life cycle, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be dealt with. There are a variety of problems that come from deadwood, creating a liability for your property and that of your neighbors. The problems include things like fungal disease and pest problems. Plus, deadwood will make your trees just plain look bad. Aesthetics may not be your top priority, but if you plan to sell your home one day, nice-looking trees will increase property value. Deadwood can be identified by a lack of leaf drops as well as missing bark. Deadwood typically happens on older trees and is often in hard-to-reach places. It’s not something we recommend working on yourself due to the dangers of climbing.

Final Thoughts

Homeowners are focused on spending their budget on the “essentials” and overlook tree maintenance,  tree risk assessment thinking it isn’t worth the money.The fact is that the cost of your home, garage, and property being damaged very much outweighs the cost of tree maintenance. It’s absolutely a valuable service. Again, tree trimming in Mt. Pleasant, SC is best done by Connor Tree Service.

Again, tree trimming in Mt. Pleasant, SC is best done by Connor Tree Service.


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