Seasonal storms lead to all kinds of issues on both residential and commercial properties, especially when it comes to trees. Older or weaker trees can lose branches completely, and other trees can suffer damage not plainly visible to the eye. It’s imperative that you give Connor Tree Service a call for storm cleanup if you have any trees or branches down, or if you suspect there could be hazardous conditions.

Cleanup after a storm is another task you don’t want to take on by yourself. Our professional and experienced storm cleanup team has been serving the Charleston and Mount Pleasant areas for many years, and you can rest easy knowing we are on the job. Not only do we clear the debris on the ground, but we also check for potential dangers that may surprise you days or weeks after the storm has passed. With our TRAQ Tree Risk Assessment Qualification, we know just what to look for and how to remedy any unsafe situations.

We will discuss Tree Risk Assessment and our TRAQ services in more depth later in this series!