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Keeping Your Trees Healthy with Organic Matter

With summer around the corner, you may be thinking of building your garden or starting some yard work. If you have trees in your back or front yard, you may be wondering how to keep them healthy and ensure that they look their best as you spend more time outdoors. Connor Tree Service in North Charleston, SC can help you keep your trees looking their best.

The Harm of Synthetic Fertilizers

Synthetic fertilizers have become normal in modern gardens and yards. While they are sometimes necessary for certain gardens and environments, they usually do more harm than good.

The Environmental Impact

Synthetic fertilizers have large quantities of phosphorus and nitrogen. When it begins to runoff, it can kill the environment around it. In extreme cases, the runoff can go into lakes and streams and kill aquatic life.

Certain chemicals in synthetic fertilizers can make bacteria and microbes grow faster.

Harmful to Pets and Children

When children play in areas treated with synthetic fertilizers, they can have allergic reactions or other problems. Pets can also develop gastrointestinal problems after eating synthetic fertilizer that may be left in grass or around trees and plants.

Going Natural

The good news is that some natural ways can help protect your trees. They have added benefits that synthetic fertilizers can’t provide.

When people get trees planted, they may mistakenly believe that they have to provide it will all these chemicals or other things to help them sustain life. However, when trees are in their natural environment, they often grow much quicker and live longer than when they are exposed to harmful chemicals.

Follow some of these tips to help your tree thrive. When you’re ready, you can use Connor’s tree service in North Charleston, SC to help you get your yard in the best condition possible.

Mulch Circles

Creating a mulch circle around your tree has several advantages. Adding mulch can protect the trunk of the tree by adding a protective layer between the base and the grass. The trunk is one of the most important aspects of the tree because it provides nutrients to the roots and branches.

Damage to the trunk can kill the rest of the tree very quickly. Mulch rings also allow moisture and nutrients to easily move up into the trunk. This is especially important if you live in a dry environment as it will allow water to move quickly up the trunk of the tree.

Weeds cannot effectively grow in mulch, so damage from weeds won’t be a problem with a proper mulch circle. Weeds can harm the roots of your plants and even cause permanent damage. Mulch circles can also be installed and replaced very easily with little to no cost. It is low maintenance and a cheaper way of keeping your trees alive and healthy. Mulch should not be placed up against the trucks or immediate root flare, as trees grow best with several inches of free space.

Choosing the Right Size Mulch Circle

Good mulch circles will have a 4–5-foot diameter around the tree base. This will ensure that the mulch has enough area covered to ward off weeds and other harmful components.

You can also check that it extends around the drop line of the branches. The experts in tree services in North Charleston, SC can help you make sure your mulch rings are large enough. Tree trimming can also prolong the life of your tree and ensure that the mulch works better and more efficiently.

Get an assessment and quote from Connor Tree Service today.

Choosing the Right Kind of Mulch

The best mulch includes composted material. This will include dead leaves, wood chips, or even bits of old tires. Composted mulch does not have any treatments or synthetic compounds in it. You will have the most natural protection around all the bases of your trees with fully composted mulch.

Some people simply choose to use compost material, rather than mulch. However, we have found that a blend works the best, as long as everything is organic.

Final Thoughts

Overall, using organic matter provides numerous benefits to your tree and garden health. It will help protect the trunk of your tree, which is the most important part. It will also ensure that your tree gets enough nutrients and water. Also, you won’t have to worry about unsightly weeds coming up and ruining your garden. Get a quote for your unique needs today.

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