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Is It Affordable to Remove Trees From My Property?

Removing trees may seem like it is an expensive job with all the heavy machinery and dangerous work that’s involved. However, even for a Charleston tree service, you would be surprised at how affordable it is for the average person to get a tree removed from their property.

The price of the job depends on a few different factors though and, in this article, we will go through a few of the most prominent ones and why they can affect the price.

Older trees show a noticeable lean which could be a sign of decay!

Tree Decay

You can tell a tree is beginning to decay through a few methods. If the bark is brittle and is beginning to fall off, this is one of the signs of a decaying tree. Among the other signs are lack of leaves, a gradual lean, or it has a bunch of deadwood.

One sure way you can determine if your tree is decaying is to give it a “scratch test.” This test involves simply scratching the bark of the tree deep enough so it gets down to the cambium layer. If this layer is green, the tree is healthy but if it is brown and dry, the tree is dying.

If a tree is showing some signs of decay it is best to be proactive about it and call a Charleston tree service to remove it before it dies. Trees become more expensive to remove if they are brittle and unstable.

Tree Size

Of course, the size of a tree is a big determining factor in how affordable it is to remove it from someone’s property. Larger trees will fetch a larger cost and some other factors that go into a tree’s size include:

  • Diameter at breast height (DBH)
  • Number of branches
  • Size of branches

A few other factors also go into a tree’s size, but be sure to keep these points in mind when hiring an arborist in Charleston SC. Most tree removal companies will inspect the tree beforehand to determine exactly how much the job costs to do.

Location of Tree

Other than the size and health of the tree, where the tree is located also plays a factor in a tree removal job’s affordability. A Charleston tree service will usually charge a bit more if the tree is very close to other trees or structures.

For those looking to remove a tree from their home in a suburban neighborhood, removing a tree close to the street or backyard may take a bit more time and it will affect the price of the job as a whole.

Time of Year

You may think that summer would be the perfect time to remove a tree as it is warm and sunny and is a perfect time to work outside. However, removing a tree is actually much more effective in the winter for a few different reasons.

The first reason it’s better to remove trees in the winter is that there are no leaves. Leaves can hinder the process of removing a tree and create a huge mess if they aren’t disposed of properly.

Another reason is that it is just less busy for tree removal companies in the winter. Most will be easily available and can even offer a cheaper price for a job that would cost much more in the summer.

The Wrap-Up

Hiring a Charleston tree service to safely remove a tree from your property is much easier than you think. Sometimes, removing a tree is necessary to keep bugs away from the property or keep it safe from a potential branch damaging it or worse.

Most of the time, the price to remove a tree is actually fairly cheap but it can depend on the factors above and a few more as well. Getting your tree removed at the right time could save you all kinds of money.

If the tree is fairly stable and not showing clear signs of decay, it will be safer to remove and cheaper for that reason. For that matter, if it is a small tree located in a fairly open area it will be especially cheaper than removing a tree close to a busy street or backyard.

Need a tree removed in Charleston or the surrounding area? Reach out.

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