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How Connor Tree Service Reuses Trees

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At Connor Tree Service, we do all things tree-related. This includes tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, storm cleanup, and offering tree risk assessments. One thing that we also do that most people don’t think much about is reusing the trees that we cut.

It would be a waste of nature and resources not to be doing something with the trees after cutting them down. Nature encourages us to make the most of what we have. Tree service in Charleston is easily available. Let’s get right into what we can do with the trees we cut.


One of the ways that we reuse trees is by cutting them into small pieces to be used as firewood or mulch. You can’t have authentic smores without a campfire. And you can’t have a campfire without wood. Some people have wood stoves in their homes to keep them warm. In times of excess, we can donate our firewood. We also have the ability to plan a bonfire, store firewood for next year, or sell it.

Wood Chips

Another way that we reuse trees is the most common use, making wood chips. Wood chips traditionally come from putting trees through a wood chipper. Some people have alternative homemade options. We prefer the wood chipper.

The most common way that wood chips are used is to create mulch in gardens or growing areas. Keep in mind that partially rotted wood chips are different from fresh chips.

Wood chips have so many uses that most people would never think of. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Building raised beds
  • Using wood chips in a special type of mound known as a hugelkultur mound
  • Add wood chips to compost heaps
  • Use in hot beds
  • Use as a path material around your home and garden
  • Spread wood chips in chicken run
  • Use in livestock bedding
  • Spread wood chips around a play area for your kids like under a slide/playground
  • Use in a compost-powered water heating system
  • Use as a substrate to be able to grow mushrooms
  • Rustic paper
  • Natural beeswax fire starters
  • Paper mills and power plants also get sent wood chips and they make great use of them

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Bees Ferry Recycle Center to Make Compost

For tree service in Charleston, companies like us have a lot of our debris go to the Bees Ferry Recycle Center. From there, they use our debris to make black compost. Compost is an extremely eco-friendly way of making the most from waste.

The primary use of compost is for fertilizing soil. Compost contains a number of nutrients that plants need for optimum growth. This includes nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. It also is a great supplier of micronutrients that are often overlooked like copper, cobalt, boron, iron, iodine, zinc, molybdenum, manganese, and more.

Nutrients get released at the rate that plants need them. The weather has a direct impact on the way that the nutrients are released from the compost. It’s a very cool scientific process!

Using compost actually increases the water-holding capacity of soil. Compost can surprisingly hold amounts of water equal to 200% of its dry weight. Low-hummus soil on its own is just 20%.

Other Uses for Wood

The logs of high-quality can be sent to sawmills where they are turned into lumber. Some people use wood to make furniture, flooring, and more.

There is a new demand for special types of maple logs because of pattens on the wood that resemble tiger stripes and worms. These are trending and used for countertops and furniture. Excess wood can also be used for creating coasters for drinks, candle holders, and cutting boards.

If you live near a forested area, wood can also be used to help create homes for little critters who will thrive off of the shelter and/or food source. Some neighborhoods don’t like this, so check with your HOA.

Artists love using wood for their art projects, whittling, crafting, and more.

The Wrap Up

Clearly, the cycle of energy continues long past the cutting of the tree. It would be a sad shame if everyone who cut trees down simply put them through a woodchipper and burned the pile in a heap.

At Connor Tree Service, we do what we can to make the most of trees and pride ourselves on being eco-friendly. If you need tree removal in Charleston or a related job, contact us for a quote.

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