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With a number of factors contributing to an unusual seasonal climate pattern in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina, it is important for local property owners to be aware of the effects each season has on their trees. The recent strong storms passing through the Summerville, SC area are a prime example of these weather events, and homeowners should visually inspect their trees and periodically hire a team of certified arborists to take a closer look for any damage. Trimming damaged branches and removing dead trees protects the entire property.


Each time a wave of strong thunderstorms sweeps through from the west or a hurricane strikes the coast from the east, there is an opportunity for powerful winds to weaken or topple trees here in the greater Charleston, SC area. The most vulnerable trees, of course, are those that have been weakened from within by termite infestations, fungi, and other health threats. Many of these trees present few or no outward visual signs of damage, but when severe weather hits, they are unable to withstand the force of wind and put vehicles, structures, and people on the property in danger.

The city of Summerville, just inland from the Charleston coastal area, recently saw thunderstorms accompanied by strong wind gusts. Owners of properties with numerous trees should take the time to walk through and look for any signs of damage. These obviously include fallen trees and large limbs (which should never be moved by untrained tree care professionals), but also include limbs that have broken but not fallen to the ground yet. Trunks of dead or dying trees could also be cracked by storm winds, making them highly likely to fall during the next severe weather event.

In order to identify less common indicators of tree damage, it is crucial to periodically hire a local tree service provider such as Connor Tree Service, certified by the ISA as trained arborists, to take a closer look. This professional inspection can reveal hidden problems such as insect and fungal infestations, which compromise the health and strength of a tree. The Connor team can also assess the shape and size of a tree’s crown, determining whether it is placing undue pressure on the trunk that can endanger the otherwise healthy tree during storm winds.

For safe, quick tree removal following a storm, Connor Tree Service is available to help throughout the Charleston and surrounding areas. The team also provides stump grinding services, allowing you to keep your property looking clean and tidy even when one of your trees must be removed.

With hurricane season just weeks away, now is the ideal time to have trees assessed and prepared so that your property’s trees have the best chance possible to weather each storm. The certified arborists at Connor Tree Service can advise on limbs that should be trimmed to protect buildings and vehicles on your property and can identify any unseen infestations that must be dealt with as quickly as possible to maintain good tree health.