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Winter Ideal For Tree Trimming


With the year-round climate in the greater Charleston area conducive to landscaping and other outdoor work, Connor Tree Service reminds local property owners that winter is a great time to have trees trimmed or removed. Removing dead limbs and cutting down dead trees are easier activities during winter, after leaves have fallen and the underlying branches are more readily visible. Homeowners and commercial property managers who notice issues with the trees on their land are encouraged to contact Connor Tree Service for expert service, health
assessment, and tree removal.


While tree trimming and removal activities often come to a halt or are severely limited during the winter months in colder climates, the Lowcountry region of South Carolina remains relatively warm year round. Connor Tree Service takes advantage of this fact by conducting much of its tree trimming activities during the winter. After leaves fall from the trees, the arborists at Connor Tree Service can easily assess the condition and shape of a tree’s crown and decide on the course of action that will keep it as healthy as possible through the coming years.


Many times, property owners notice serious problems with their trees for the first time after their leaves have fallen toward the end of autumn. Dangling branches and unbalanced crowns can be hard to see when a tree is in full leaf, but during winter they become obvious. These visible signs should prompt tree owners to call Connor Tree Service to have their expert team of certified arborists provide an assessment and quote. The team makes safety the number one priority when working with a client’s trees, using high quality equipment and following all safety protocols to avoid injury and property damage.


With several less common tree species endemic to the Lowcountry, such as live oaks and palmettos, Connor Tree Service also provides an invaluable source of expertise in caring for, trimming, and diagnosing diseases with these natural treasures.


With the annual hurricane season in the past, some property owners also still have fallen trees that have not been addressed. It is important to have fallen trees removed in a timely manner, as they create a hazardous environment for people and pets. As branches under pressure decay, they become more vulnerable to snapping and causing injury if they are disturbed.


Untrained property owners should never attempt to process and remove a fallen tree. Connor Tree Service operates in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Summerville, and the surrounding region. The company sets itself apart from other tree service providers in
the area with its membership in the International Society of Arboriculture and its staffing by certified ISA arborists. The experts at Connor Tree Service are available to give tree risk assessments, advising homeowners on the best way to keep their property’s trees healthy and beautiful while preventing hazards.


Local property owners should contact Connor Tree Service for urgent tree removal service following sudden thunderstorms, tornados, or the less common ice storm. The company also offers quick, affordable stump grinding following tree removal.