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Summer / Fall Storms Highlight Need For Tree Removal


As we move into the second half of the summer, the annual hurricane season is on the horizon. At the time of writing, there are two potential major storms forming in the Atlantic that could eventually impact the Charleston, SC area. With these storms as undoubtedly the first of several strong storms that will threaten the area before winter, it is highly recommended that property owners have their trees inspected, trimmed, and removed if necessary. Dead limbs and entire dead trees can cause catastrophic damage during high winds and rainfall if neglected until the storm arrives.



Connor Tree Service is a certified tree removal service in Charleston, SC. Serving the Lowcountry with high quality, safety conscious tree maintenance for many years, the Connor team understands the unique set of threats that the trees in this region face on a seasonal basis. In addition to hurricanes and flooding, the greater Charleston area is also home to several unusual tree species, each of which has specific maintenance requirements in order to stay healthy and provide beauty for many years.


During mid-summer, the certified arborists at Connor Tree Service begin keeping an eye on the Atlantic Ocean, where hurricanes form and drift toward the southeastern US coast. By the time local weather reports begin warning residents about the predicted force of an impending hurricane, it is usually too late for tree owners to schedule any work needed to remove dead wood before the rain and winds strike.


The weeks before the outset of hurricane season are the ideal time window for property owners in the Charleston area to book an appointment with the experts at Connor Tree Service. If there are trees or limbs that appear to be dead or dying on a homeowner’s property, they should call Connor right away to have them inspected. Once a hurricane strikes, little can be done to prevent these weakened branches and trunks from breaking completely and damaging nearby vehicles and/or structures.


An inspection by experienced arborists can also reveal hidden threats that may be weakening your trees without your knowledge. A tree with a fungal or insect infestation inside the trunk will be severely compromised in its ability to hold up through a strong storm, and having the infestation identified and the affected tree removed prior to the storm is an important part of protecting the other elements of your landscaping as well as buildings and vehicles.


In the strongest storms, even healthy trees can be uprooted and fall. Throughout the storm season, residents are advised to keep in mind that a fallen tree often has hidden hazards in the form of branches that are under pressure and can suddenly shift, causing severe injury. Removal of fallen trees should always be left to a professional tree removal service in Charleston, SC.


A team from Connor Tree Services is ready to respond to your appointment request. Visit the company online at for more information about tree inspection, dead wood removal, stump grinding, and more in the Lowcountry.