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Spring Weather Demands Attention To Tree Trimming


With the coming of spring, thunderstorms are expected throughout the Lowcountry region of South Carolina for several months. The high winds and even occasional tornados associated with these weather patterns threaten to topple trees that are already suffering from various weakening factors. Pest and fungus infestations can compromise the trunk structure, while uneven growth in the crown can place excessive stress on one side of the tree and make it vulnerable to strong winds. In order to keep your property safe and protect your family, it is best to have Connor Tree Service inspect the trees on your land for health issues before they face the thunderstorms of spring.



Connor Tree Service, a team of certified arborists serving Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding region, looks to raise awareness in the Lowcountry about the dangers that severe spring weather poses to trees. Trees that are located within range of homes, garages, and roadways should be inspected occasionally for any hidden threats that could be weakening their structures in unseen yet significant ways. A tree may appear healthy and strong to the casual observer, but a diseased trunk or imbalanced crown greatly reduces its ability to withstand high winds.


Spring is an ideal time for homeowners and commercial property owners to schedule a professional health assessment for the trees for which they are responsible. This simple step could prevent property destruction, injury to people, and other types of damage inflicted by a tree that is unable to survive one more strong storm. If a tree has become home to a colony of destructive insects or fungus, the Connor Tree Service team can safely cut the tree down, remove it, and prevent the infestation from spreading to the other plant life on the property.


In many cases, all that is necessary to strengthen a tree for severe weather is a professional trimming. Reducing the crown size and keeping it balanced diminishes the pressure on the trunk, giving it a much better chance of standing firm through powerful storms. The certified arborists at Connor Tree Services carefully adhere to all safety protocols when trimming trees, ensuring that the people, vehicles, and buildings on your property are safe during and after the tree trimming visit.


Scheduling a tree health assessment with Connor Tree Service is about more than simply keeping your landscaping looking beautiful. While it’s true that healthy trees are great-looking trees, eradicating diseases and keeping crowns trimmed helps you as the property owner avoid accidents, injuries, and even potential lawsuits related to neglecting a potentially dangerous situation under your jurisdiction.


Connor Tree Services is available for tree risk assessments, tree maintenance, and removal of trees that have been downed by storms. As a business based in the Charleston, SC area, the Connor Tree Services team understands the local tree species, how to best care for them, and how to most thoroughly prepare them to weather the next strong spring thunderstorm. The company’s website is