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Spring Tree Growth Necessitates Trimming


Most tree species in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina have an annual growth cycle, with the majority of root, crown, and other types of growth taking place in the spring and early summer months. During this season, many property owners are surprised by the pace at which trees begin to encroach on driveways, loom dangerously above structure roofs, and pose hazards in other ways. Connor Tree Service, operating in and around the Charleston, SC region, urges homeowners and commercial property managers to have professional arborists trim trees during this season to mitigate risks and keep their trees healthy.



Each season of the year brings its own issues for tree maintenance, and spring has more than its share of potential dangers to be mitigated. An inspection by professional arborists at a Charleston tree service can quickly identify problems and highlight solutions for them. During the high rate of tree growth that occurs in spring, trees tend to extend their branches and roots into areas that pose a threat to the people and buildings on the property, and having this new growth trimmed back is a major component of keeping the entire property safe.


Perhaps the most obvious danger posed by quickly growing trees in the spring is the development of an uneven crown. Particularly when a tree is located near a structure, an imbalanced crown makes it more likely that the tree will topple during a severe weather event and cause catastrophic damage. If a tree on your property has gone several years without a trimming or health assessment, it could be a significant danger to you and your family, or even to those on neighboring properties.


As branches extend and leaves grow, trees can also cause visibility problems at the ends of driveways, street corners, and similar spots. When tree growth impedes the ability of drivers to see oncoming traffic or pedestrians, it is essential to trim the growth back for safety and legal considerations.


A longer-term reason for having trees trimmed during the spring is that it keeps trees healthy and extends their life. The certified arborists at Connor Tree Service know how to remove deadwood, trim an uneven crown, and prune new growth in such a way as to promote healthy growth all year round and enable the tree to withstand severe weather. The Charleston tree service inspectors also look for hidden warning signs of fungal and pest infestations, which can kill a tree and spread to other trees on the property.


As spring is a very busy season for Connor Tree Service, property owners with tree concerns should contact the organization soon to book appointments for inspections, trimming, and expert health assessments. The company’s safety-conscious teams are also available for quick response when a storm brings down a tree on a customer’s property, necessitating a quick removal and stump grinding in order to restore the area to a safe and attractive condition. Connor Tree Service is online at