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Although the winters in the greater Charleston area are mild, the coming of spring brings warmer temperatures, increased rainfall, and the most important annual period of growth for trees. Property owners should carefully select a tree trimming service to address any health issues and pruning needs in order to prepare their trees well for healthy spring growth. Overpruning or damage to essential systems of the tree can prevent it from making full use of the resources available to it in the spring. Connor Tree Service in Charleston, SC is a proven provider in the Lowcountry for arborist services certified by the ISA, including tree health assessments, safe tree removal, and expert trimming.


As spring arrives in the Charleston, Summerville, and Mount Pleasant area of South Carolina, plants of all types are beginning to sprout new leaves and flowers. While trees often do not have the eye-catching colors of flower beds, their new growth is very important not only for the health of the trees themselves, but also for the entire ecosystem in which they are rooted. At this time of year it is important for owners of properties with trees to ensure that they are ready to bloom and grow in the healthiest manner possible.


While pruning is a critical element in long-term health for trees, overpruning is a common problem that does great harm. Aggressively removing large percentages of a tree’s infrastructure prevents it from taking in sufficient sunlight and water to accomplish the growth that it needs to during the spring months. ISA specifications require, for instance, that arborists remove no more than 25% of a tree’s canopy in a single pruning.


Deciding how much and exactly what parts of a tree should be pruned is a complex process, and it is one that ISA certified arborists are trained to navigate successfully. With an ISA certified tree service managing your trees’ health, you can be confident that by the end of the spring growing season, your trees will be full, strong, healthy, and ready to face the heat and storms of summer.


The pruning process is also a critical time for disease prevention. Large wounds left by the incorrect cutting of large limbs become targets for fungal and insect infestations, leading to disease quickly spreading throughout the tree. Careful cutting techniques and leaving small wounds that can naturally heal over quickly are essential in order to execute modest, healthy pruning while keeping the tree safe from health threats.


Connor Tree Service in Charleston, SC is currently offering spring trimming services to residential and commercial property owners in the Lowcountry. The team at Connor is trained and certified by the ISA as arborists, giving assurance that their clients’ trees are in good hands. For decades, the company has helped tree owners balance the needs of safety, street visibility, and other factors with the needs of their trees in order to keep them as vibrant, beautiful, and strong as possible. Interested potential clients can visit their website at or reach them by phone at 843-810-8522.