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With the unmistakable signs of spring everywhere, trees are certainly among the plants that grow at an accelerated rate through April and May. Seemingly overnight, new leaves appear and the crowns of trees seem to expand dramatically, as water, sunshine, and other nutrients fuel the critical spring growth period. While these changes are a welcome sight after a long winter, they can create issues for not only the trees themselves, but also the structures and visibility routes nearby. Property owners should be aware of these potential problems and have them mitigated by an expert tree trimming service.


Spring is a critical time not only for tree growth, but also for having those trees trimmed in a healthy manner. Managing the health of a tree is important in unique ways during these months, as improper pruning can prevent the tree from adequately taking in nutrients when it needs them most. Over the following seasons, this causes stunted growth and can even cause the tree to die. If trees are not pruned at all, however, irregular growth can result in balance problems and the potential for falling limbs when severe weather hits.

Counterbalancing these considerations are the everyday activities that typically take part in the area surrounding growing trees. While trees in wild forests experience irregular growth, die, and fall as part of a normal life cycle, in neighborhoods and commercial areas it is necessary to keep tree growth within parameters for the sake of safety. Careful pruning during spring ensures that a tree near homes, retail properties, or parking lots does not expand its crown in a lopsided manner and threaten to fall during a storm, causing damage and injury. 

Another major need for pruning is road visibility. A tree growing near a road or at the end of a driveway may not have posed a visibility issue during winter, but when branches grow longer and new leaves sprout, they can obscure the view of drivers and pedestrians, making it dangerous to enter the public roadway. The property owners responsible for these trees must have them pruned occasionally in order to avoid an unsafe environment.

Property owners can easily accomplish all of these responsibilities with confidence by partnering with a local service for trimming and tree removal in Mt. Pleasant, SC. To guarantee that the service they choose understands the tree health and public safety considerations at play, potential customers should look for the certification badge for the International Society of Arboriculture. This certification is earned by undergoing education, hands-on training, and testing to ensure that an arborist can provide safe, effective tree services.

In and around Charleston, South Carolina, Connor Tree Service is proud to offer trimming, health assessment, stump grinding, and other services performed by ISA certified arborists. The company’s teams are exceptionally busy during the spring growing season, so property owners should contact the office as soon as possible to book an appointment to have trees inspected and pruned as needed.