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Experienced Tree Trimmers Preserve Historic Trees


While many property owners are aware of the responsibility they have to keep their trees well trimmed, healthy, and safe, there are often nuances related to this responsibility that can escape notice. The training that ISA certified arborists receive ensures that they can inform tree owners of these nuances, trim trees properly according to standards and best practices, and prevent disagreements between property owners that can arise from tree limbs encroaching on neighboring properties. In and around Charleston, South Carolina, Connor Tree Service is a reliable provider of these trimming services.


For property owners, whether residential or commercial, tree trimming is a necessary activity. As trees grow naturally and without professional attention, their limbs tend to become unbalanced, too heavy for the trunk to support, and create an unsafe environment. There are additional considerations when trees are located close to property lines, as the potential for falling limbs threatens not only the property on which the tree is growing but nearby structures, vehicles, and people as well. 

Relationships between neighbors and verbal agreements about the trimming of trees near property lines are delicate matters, and it is best to hire certified arborists to ensure that all trimming is done legally and in such a way as to preserve safety throughout the area affected by a tree. One common issue is a tree owner giving consent for a neighboring property owner to have limbs trimmed that overhang their property. Pruning a large amount of growth in one part of the tree, however, can lead to a number of problems. It can dangerously shift the weight of the crown, putting strain on the trunk and making it vulnerable to falling in strong winds. In addition, ISA standards dictate that no more than 25% of a tree’s canopy can be cut at one time.

Connor Tree Service ensures that its ISA certified arborists take these best practices into account when hired to do a tree trimming job. This helps to prevent a customer from taking measures–even if approved by the uninformed owner of the tree–that could ultimately kill the tree or lead to its weakening and placing both properties in danger.

There are additional considerations when the trees scheduled to be trimmed have historical significance or are important for the wider community. With a long history of working in the greater Charleston area, Connor Tree Service understands how to safely and effectively trim these important trees minimally in order to preserve them for as long as possible. While it is necessary to trim for clearance for vehicles, visibility along public roadways, and to remove deadwood that will likely fall during storms, these trees should not be heavily trimmed.

The best route for customers to take in order to keep their trees and those on neighboring properties as healthy and safe as possible is to entrust their trimming projects to teams that are certified by the ISA. Connor Tree Service is available for expert trimming, tree health assessments, and advice throughout the greater Charleston area.