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Deadwood Removal Is Important For Safety


During spring in particular, with an increased frequency of strong wind storms, Connor Tree Service reminds property owners in the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and surrounding areas to schedule inspections and removal of deadwood–that is, limbs and even entire trees that have died but are still standing. This deadwood creates serious risks to people, structures, and vehicles in the immediate area, as it is vulnerable to falling during severe weather. Connor Tree Service is available for quick, safe, and thorough removal of deadwood in the Lowcountry for both residential and commercial customers.



One of the most important projects that Connor Tree Service performs for clients in the greater Charleston, South Carolina area is the removal of dead trees and dead tree limbs. A dead tree that is still standing may appear sturdy, but in reality its roots are no longer firmly anchoring it to the ground. Likewise, dead limbs and branches have a weakened link to the still-living trunk, and it often takes only a moderate or light wind to cause them to fall without warning. The safety risks related to these incidents make it necessary for property owners to have “deadwood” removed as soon as possible.


Tree removal in Mt. Pleasant, SC and the surrounding region improves safety and reduces the risk of accidents, but it also simply makes the property more aesthetically pleasing. Healthy trees are beautiful trees, and trimming dead branches on a regular basis makes the entire property look great. With certified arborists on staff; a fleet of modern, powerful, and safe equipment; and a long history of proven skill in the Lowcountry, Connor Tree Service is a great choice for property owners in the area who want reliable tree services of all kinds.


Identifying whether a tree is living, dead, or dying is not always easy. There could be pest or fungus infestations inside the trunk, invisible from the exterior, that are killing the tree from the inside out and compromising the strength of the trunk. The next hurricane or strong thunderstorm may be enough to topple this weakened tree and cause damage and injury to those on the property.


Connor Tree Service crews have been busy this spring servicing properties along the Atlantic coast, removing deadwood near playgrounds, school yards, public recreational areas, and other spots where they pose a risk to people. The professionals at Connor Tree Service also take every opportunity to warn property owners that when a tree has fallen, it is important to stay away from it until professionals are able to remove it. A fallen tree can be a tempting play area for children in particular, but branches under pressure and unbalanced trunks and limbs pose a significant hazard for injury.


To keep commercial and residential properties safe throughout the storm season, those in and around Charleston, SC can contact Connor Tree Service at 843-810-8522 or through their website at The company’s arborists are specialists in all species of trees, including those unique to the Lowcountry region.