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Connor Tree Service Emphasizes Safety Practices


As an ISA certified service provider, Connor Tree Service knows that its customers in the greater Charleston, SC area expect the highest levels of service from its arborists. One of the most important elements of that service is safety. When a Connor Tree Services team performs a tree trimming or removal of a tree that has fallen during a storm, they make it a priority to use the right equipment and the right methods to ensure that people, structures, and vehicles in the area are protected from danger. Tree owners in the company’s service area can hire with confidence for all their tree service needs.



Connor Tree Service proudly displays their ISA certified arborist badge on their website. This certification, granted by the International Society of Arboriculture, is designed to give customers confidence that the professionals they hire to maintain and manage their trees are knowledgeable, trained, and most importantly aware of all safety practices that apply to the particular task at hand. The Connor Tree Service team of certified arborists makes safety a top consideration on every job, and customers should do so as well as they consider which local service provider to entrust with the health of their trees.


Unfortunately, tree trimming and removal services in Charleston vary widely in their use of approved safety equipment. At Connor Tree Services, there is a non-negotiable use of the basic safety measures, including helmets, gloves, and properly maintained tools. Simply neglecting to check the condition of a saw before use can lead to a catastrophic injury, and part of the ISA certification is an assurance that nothing is taken for granted before an arborist begins work on a tree.


In order to mitigate the risks of working high off the ground with powerful tools and heavy, bulky tree limbs, Connor Tree Service invests in high quality aerial lifts and other equipment. An arborist needs to be able to focus on the task at hand when cutting tree limbs, rather than giving his attention to balance and avoiding a fall. In addition, having the right equipment under foot gives arborists more freedom to be aware of what is going on below them, helping them protect any fellow arborists, pedestrians, or vehicles that may be nearby.


When a customer needs to have their trees trimmed before hurricane season hits or they have had a tree fall on their property and it needs to be removed as soon as possible, they should look for the ISA certification badge on the website of any providers that they are considering. In addition to ensuring that all applicable safety protocols will be followed during work, this certification also indicates that the arborists understand what to look for to assess the health of a tree, including infestations of fungus or pests that are not obvious to the casual observer.


Property owners can reach Connor Tree Service for a tree health assessment, trimming services, and safe, quick tree removal in Charleston, SC through their website at