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Connor Tree Service Covers Greater Charleston Area


Based in Mount Pleasant, SC, just north of the city of Charleston, Connor Tree Service has offered dependable, expert tree trimming and removal services for more than 15 years. In an area that sees frequent hurricanes and strong storms each year and that is also known for a number of unusual, beautiful tree species, Connor Tree Service helps local property owners keep their trees healthy and looking fantastic. As a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and certified as Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, the organization is a great choice for greater Charleston area residents that want to give their landscaping the best care possible.



Connor Tree Service is well known to homeowners and commercial property managers in the Lowcountry. For more than 15 years, Bryan Connor and his organization have served customers in Mount Pleasant, Summerville, West Ashley, Charleston, and the surrounding area with a stellar reputation for safety, integrity, and skill. The certified arborists at Connor Tree Service are trained to inspect trees for health threats, including fungus, pest, and disease infestations that can be hidden from view.


The expertise of Connor Tree Services’ certified arborists encompasses the unusual tree species that the Charleston coastal area is known for, most notably the iconic palmetto, palm tree species, and live oak. These trees require specialized care in order to keep them looking great year round and to preserve their good health, and Connor Tree Service offers trimming and health assessment backed up by years of positive customer testimonials. From removing dead seed pods to maintaining crowns that have grown asymmetrically and are putting excessive pressure on trunks, the company’s arborists know how to maintain each species appropriately for maximum beauty and life span.


Following a strong storm, there are often fallen trees on properties throughout the Charleston area. Safe cleanup and removal of fallen trees is a priority, and residents are strongly encouraged to contact Connor Tree Services rather than attempt to cut or move trees themselves. Without the proper training, people can easily be injured by limbs shifting or snapping under pressure as they try to move them. A trustworthy professional team like the one at Connor is the ideal choice for safe tree removal and stump grinding following severe weather.


Bryan Connor and his team welcome new relationships with property owners in the Charleston region, assessing the trimming needs of their trees on a seasonal basis and keeping an eye on the development of any fungal or pest infestations that could weaken trees and spread to others in the area. Whether a property has new saplings just beginning to grow or one of the region’s famous live oaks hundreds of years old, the Connor team is prepared to keep them healthy and attractive. Residents who have recently moved to the region or who are looking for a tree trimming service that they can trust can reach Connor Tree Services by phone at 843-810-8522 or online at