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Choosing A Certified Arborist Protects Trees


Being labeled as a certified arborist by the International Society of Arboriculture is about more than just a badge on the company’s website. It indicates that the technicians on that company’s team have learned and demonstrated a complete working knowledge of the industry best practices for caring for trees. For the customers that hire that company, there is the assurance that their trees will receive careful, expert, safe trimming and health assessment. Connor Tree Service is proud to maintain Certified Arborist status and tree trimming services that meet ANSI A300 pruning standards.




Connor Tree Service, a local provider based near Charleston, SC, has gained a reputation in the area for consistent high quality work in all areas of tree maintenance. From minor seasonal trimming to diagnosing hidden infestations to removing trees that have been felled during a hurricane, the technicians at Connor Tree Service take pride in their high standards of safety and expertise.


One objective measure of this expertise is the Certified Arborist status held by Connor Tree Service. As certified arborists, the Connor team shows that they have been educated, trained, and tested on a wide range of topics that prepare them to give their customers the best possible service no matter what the tree species, health threat, or situation.


Specifically in the area of tree trimming (or pruning), the Connor arborists hold to the ANSI A300 pruning standards, a list of guidelines that summarize the best ways to keep trees trimmed, strong, and healthy. While the average customer may not observe very much difference between the actions of a certified arborist and an untrained individual, the reality is that following the ANSI A300 standards can make the difference between a tree withering or becoming a healthy, beautiful tree that lives for many decades.


By following practices such as leaving branch collars, avoiding unnecessary heading cuts, maintaining designated percentages of growth overall and on single branches, and using proper climbing techniques, certified arborists like the ones employed at Connor Tree Service provide enormously beneficial tree trimming in Mt. Pleasant, SC and the surrounding region. Neglecting these practices may not cause immediate visible damage, but over time the tree will suffer and fail to reach its full health potential.


Hiring Connor Tree Service and its certified arborists to keep trees trimmed and healthy is a long-term investment. One of the important factors in a property’s value is the quality of its plant life, and a piece of land with many healthy, attractive trees will command a higher price at market when sold than a similar piece of land with poorly maintained vegetation. Obviously, for a family living on the property, the aesthetics of the entire landscaping are vastly improved by healthy trees as well.


Customers who have had a “bad experience” with untrained tree trimmers or who want to guarantee that their trees receive high quality pruning each time they are serviced can rely on Connor Tree Service and their trained, certified expert arborists for safe, efficient, and proper tree trimming in the Charleston, SC area.