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Certified Arborists Offer Reliable Tree Service


The trees on a property give it additional value, attractiveness, and more tangible benefits such as shade in the summer and nourishment for other plants as fallen leaves return to the ecosystem. Protecting trees is the responsibility of the property owner, and one of the most important steps they can take in this regard is to choose a tree care partner that is trustworthy. In the greater Charleston, SC area, Connor Tree Service offers health assessment, trimming, and other tree maintenance services by expert arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.



Maintaining the trees on any property is an important task, yet unfortunately also one that is often neglected. Tree owners frequently allow trees to grow excessive or unbalanced crowns, fail to have dead limbs pruned, and ignore the warning signs of a pest or fungal infestation. These mistakes jeopardize the health of trees, leading to stunted growth, compromised strength, and vulnerability in the strong storm winds that are common in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina.


In reviewing the various tree care providers in the Charleston area, Connor Tree Service reminds local property owners that the International Society of Arboriculture’s Certified Arborist badge is an important designation of quality. Connor Tree Service is proud to display this badge on their website, guaranteeing that the arborists they send to inspect each client’s trees are highly educated, trained, and dedicated to the safety protocols widely recognized as best practices when trimming and removing trees.


In order to become certified under the ISA, an arborist must complete extensive training and pass a final exam in order to demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of a wide range of topics related to the care of trees. The ISA’s code of ethics is also part of this training, giving customers assurance that the Certified Arborist they work with is trustworthy and honest.


While there are a large number of Charleston tree company options to choose from, the unfortunate truth is that many common tree trimming, pruning, and removal mistakes persist among them. These mistakes not only leave trees vulnerable to disease or unable to sustain their own good health, but they can also create serious safety hazards during the work process. Insisting on a Certified Arborist is a great way to enjoy peace of mind that whatever work you need done on your property’s trees will be conducted safely and correctly.


An inspection by a Certified Arborist can also give the tree owner valuable information about any health risks that their trees are facing. Pest infestations may be invisible from the exterior of the tree, but the arborists at Connor Tree Service can pinpoint any health threats and provide advice on the best way to eradicate them before they kill trees and spread to other plant life in the area. Potential clients in and around Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and Summerville can schedule a visit from Connor Tree Service’s Certified Arborists with a visit to their website at